24 Hour Emergency Service & Rental

When your air system goes down, regardless of the time, E. A. Nelson Company has 24/7 emergency service and rentals of portable compressors to back you up. And we have factory trained service technicians for repair.

Preventative Maintenance

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Industrial Air Compressor Systems

Avoiding Downtime

A well maintained air compressor system runs smoother and more efficiently, decreasing downtime occurrences (reliability). Play it safe and perform the maintenance now and avoid the headaches in the future.

Saving Money

Although we are available for emergency repairs, we prefer our customers to have routine preventative maintenance programs in place. This will help reduce costs of loss of production.

Lower Energy Costs

Identifying and repairing leaks within an air system will help lower energy costs.


Without maintenance the life cycle is shortened. With preventative maintenance it increases the life cycle of your unit and decreases downtime increasing ROI.

In House Service

At our shop in Florence, we offer in house repair and service of both diesel and electric compressors and other equipment.

Other Services

We also service tractors, mowers, sand blasting equipment, etc. Our large parts department stays stocked with parts to help assist with any repair.

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